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— Property Investor's Network

PIN’s Call to Action

PIN was formed in 2016 in response to a lack of landlord activism and professional excellence within the City of Toledo. 

The result was a growing hostility towards landlords as media examples of “bad apples” became the perception of all landlords. In the Summer of 2016 Toledo and the Lucas County Health Department enacted the “Toledo Lead Safe Ordinance”. The ordinance unfairly targeted small landlords with 1-4 unit properties throughout Toledo and threatened them with fines, fees, and civil/criminal prosecution. PIN began its first formal meetings in January 2017 with the focused goal of funding a lawsuit against the lead paint ordinance and working to shed light on the benefits of responsible landlords and their contributions to Toledo.

In July 2018 PIN’s lawsuit was successfully completed: the Lead Safe Ordinance was ruled unconstitutional and a perminant injunction was put in place. 

PIN continues to participate in City of Toledo and Lucas County legislative efforts to ensure any future ordinances are fairly structured and reasonably enforceable. 

PIN’s Role in Toledo

An estimated 50% of Toledo’s properties are rental properties providing housing to as many as 139,000 Toledo residents. Statistics for Toledo properties, average taxes paid, and  total taxes paid by investors. Under Construction